DAILY WRAP 4: A Union of Jack, Friends, and Teatime

Monday – we are in love! Today, everything ambiente is all about the United Kingdom. A multitude of British companies are displaying their products, and a special exhibition is solely dedicated to the partner country of 2017. Exclusives, a round trip, activities, and once again specials.

On a short trip

Where are we again? When entering “Providence and Provencance”, we almost forget we are inside Frankfurt’s fair halls. The special exhibition creates an entirely different atmosphere. Four “dining rooms” are each representing one of the four countries within the UK. Selected exhibits of traditional design remind the visitors of the extensive history of British eating culture. The Scottish designer Janice Kirkpatrick has conceptualised and curated the presentation. Impressive, these colourful illustrations on the walls, the floor and the furniture! Liz Hurley agrees, and takes a tour through the exhibition as well. Let’s wave!

Janice Kirkpatrick-Partner-Country-liz hurley




You are welcome

This way, and then that way: We want to experience all events at the stands – but how quickly the time is flying! Creative minds are providing a live display of their crafts from pottery to illustration. We are joining the Designer’s Talk with Janice Kirkpatrick, Bethan Gray and Sebastian Bergne. “I wanted to go further back in time and dig deep”, says Janice Kirkpatrick on “Providence and Provenance”, leaving the impression of a very likeable and modest person. Bethan Gray mentions an important trend, namely the increased interest in “going back to making things”. This exquisite craftsmanship manifests itself on the fair in the form of porcelain and glass, as well as soaps, fragrances, parlour games, and woven material. After the Designer’s Talk, we are trying out a range of classic toast sandwiches, exquisite tea blends, and biscuits. Our small “liquid lunch” of cocktails, however, is better postponed till the early evening hours.










Blue, white, and red: Unexpectedly modern

Simply grandiose: The Brits and their fine taste. Even the most elegantly designed pieces of art receive a hint of humour. Timeless ingenuity stays authentic and down to earth. Just how do they hit the sweet spot that accurately? Charming smile through the horn-rimmed glasses included. Fair enough: Let’s not leave out a tad bit of patriotism with a bulbous teapot, the Union Jack and other UK-tributes. The various domestic flower concepts are a classic. But the design does not solely rely on world-renowned motifs! Minimalism, modernism or neon-coloured progressive appeal – the young, the wild and the intellectual provide fresh stimuli.












As the day is slowly coming to an end, we feel inspired and full of joy. What great experiences will tomorrow bring?

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